Focus Areas

Focus Areas
The Foundation recognizes that there are many and varied developmental needs that must be addressed for children to achieve their fullest potential. We support organizations that offer creative and effective solutions in the following specific areas.

Education: Advancing the learning skills and academic achievements of children from kindergarten to high school using tutoring, mentoring, and talent-coaching that supplement and complement formal educational systems.

Development: Building the long-term life skills, awareness, and ambition to have the confidence and motivation necessary to pursue goals for the betterment of themselves and society.  

Intervention: Providing the short-term framework and resources needed to protect children facing immediate difficulties in their living environments that undermine their long-term development.

Character: Instilling morals and principles that foster ethical behavior, self-responsibility, respect for others, stewardship of the environment, and caring for those in need.

Health: Fostering and maintaining the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children that is essential for positive development.

Medical: Providing services, resources, and other support for specific treatment / correction of birth defects and physical impairments.