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Company: Promise House
ABOUT: Embraces homeless, runaway and at-risk teens, giving them individualized support, skills, encouragement and hope to live a better life; offers crisis intervention,
emergency shelter and long-term housing,
case management and counseling services,
education services,
advocacy and 

Company: It’s All About Kids
ABOUT: Committed to providing resources to children and their families who are in need of services that emphasize education, literacy and social skills character development. Strives to provide children with a strong foundation for the future by developing their confidence, self-respect, leadership skills and integrity.

Company: Girls Inc. of Dallas
ABOUT: Inspires girls, ages 6-18, to become strong, smart and bold, and to graduate from high school equipped for success with personal effectiveness, academic, and career planning competencies.

Company: Family Resources -The Youth Arts Corps
ABOUT: Strengthens families and builds better communities by providing prevention, support and counseling to children, teens and families. In particular, this after- school and summer program encourages creative and artistic pursuits of at-risk young people, including photography, videography, jewelry design, mixed medium arts and quilting.

Company: Mr. Hollands’ Opus Foundation
ABOUT: Donates both new and refurbished instruments to school music programs that lack the resources to keep up with equipment loss due to attrition, depreciation and wear over time, and to accommodate students on waiting lists or who have to share instruments.

Company: Youth Achievement Foundation TX
ABOUT: Assists disadvantaged youth by organizing and sponsoring supplementary educational programs that enable them to develop into college-educated, upright leaders who serve family and community. More than a tutoring program, it seeks to develop the whole person by stressing character formation as well as academic achievement, helping students become good citizens.

Company: The Children’s Home, Inc. Tampa
ABOUT: A child- and family-centered organization that is positioned to care for struggling families and children seeking the comfort of a loving family.

Company: Southwestern Diabetes Foundation
ABOUT: Offers the only 3-week residential diabetic life skills training program in the United States. Campers learn to recognize and treat the early warning signs of dangerously high and low blood sugar levels. Campers are coached in skills necessary to maintain tight control of their diabetes.

Company: Educational First Steps
ABOUT: Provides scholarship support and professional assistance for the development of quality instructional programs and improvement of the total learning environment. Assists preschools and childcare centers in improving the educational focus of their programs. Serves as liaison for staff training, special programs administration, finances, and facilities.

Company: Wesley-Rankin Community Center
ABOUT: Combats dropout rates through programming for at-risk and adjudicated youth; provides educational opportunities (GED, ESL, computer); is an effective Resource Center; affects social change and advance economic independence; provides job skills training; and matches program opportunities to meet community needs.