Organizations wishing to submit an Application for Grant to the Russell Foundation must complete the following questionnaire.  Responses to the questions will help an applicant to assess alignment of his/her organization's mission with that of the Russell Foundation, and to ascertain completeness of information needed for the grant application to be considered by the Foundation's Board of Directors. 

The document form of the Application for Grant is provided in PDF format (Click Here) for preview and to assist the applicant prior to the online completion and submittal process.  Note, the online application process must be completed without interruption.  Information is not saved and cannot be retrieved by the applicant once the process is started.  However, a copy of the submitted application will be emailed to the applicant for confirmation and reference.

Is your organization in current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code? YES NO
Is your organization current on Form 990 filings with IRS? YES NO
Does your organization work primarily with children and youth up to age 21? YES NO
Does your organization focus on the holistic betterment of children/youth, i.e., their physical, emotional, intellectual, material (economic/self-reliant) and character well-being? YES NO
Does your organization conduct children/youth programs that are tailored to age groups and gender? YES NO
Is your organization primarily focused on intervention on behalf of children/youth in difficult circumstances? YES NO
Does your organization rely primarily on non-government (public) support, i.e., private donations, grants, and fund raising? YES NO
Is the annual income of your organization from investment returns, private donations, grants, fund raising and public support less than $125,000? YES NO
Are the net assets of your organization less than $1.5 million? YES NO
Is your organization's ratio of program-related expenses to total revenue between 0.9 and 1.0? YES NO
Does your organization operate with an independent Board of Directors or equivalent? YES NO
If applicable, is your organization rated a minimum of 3 out of 4 stars (or equivalent) by GuideStar, Charity Navigator or other recognized rating agency of charitable organizations? YES NO
Are funds requested in your organization's grant application to be applied to a specific program, purpose or need? YES NO
Will any of your requested grant funds be used for general operational expenses? YES NO
Will details on your organization's operational budget and expenditures be included in the grant request? YES NO
Will the grant request include a plan and schedule to provide feedback on your organization's accomplishments attained through the grant funding if awarded? YES NO
Is your organization a previous recipient of a grant award from the Russell Foundation? YES NO
Requested funds used to operate / provide programs in (check all that apply):
DFW or Tampa Bay metropolitan areas
Texas or Florida areas outside of DFW/Tampa Bay
US regions outside of Texas and Florida
Non-US countries
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